30 Day Video Challenge

  Have you ever looked for a set of keys and found them where you KNEW you’d already looked? They weren’t there, but then… they were! Or has an opportunity revealed itself that you couldn’t see, until you could? What’s going on? Did the keys disappear? Did the Universe bring you a manifestation before you [...]


  We often talk about surrendering to what is, or making peace with where you are. This is a crucial piece to raising your vibration. After all, if you keep pushing against your current reality, you can’t ever manifest something else. But… what’s the difference between this type of surrender and just putting up with [...]


  As we go through this work, and expand our perception more and more, there inevitably comes a time when we have to break free of what we thought was “real”. This often uncovers a fear that if we continue down this road, that we might go absolutely bat shit crazy. And honestly, isn’t it [...]


  I’ve written about Religion before, in particular about my own Catholic upbringing and how I made peace with that. But I haven’t really talked a lot about Atheism… I received a question about whether or not it was possible to be an atheist and still believe in LOA. Particularly, since atheists don’t believe in [...]


  As you may have noticed, I’ve been ending every video lately with the phrase: “Thank you for bringing your light to the world.” Have you ever wondered why I do that? In today’s video I explain why your light is so important, and what it takes to shine it brighter. And also, just, you [...]


Why Are You Here? | 30 Day Video Challenge 19 of 30

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by Melody Fletcher on May 19, 2017

There’s an exercise I do every year, called “The Big Why”. Basically, you explore the big reason you do what you do, why you’re here, what, when all the superficial stuff falls away, and we feel truly validated, and successful, and no longer NEED anything, really revs your engine. What gets you out of bed [...]


  You’re a good person. You’re passionate. You care, dammit. And there are so many causes you can get behind. You can raise awareness. You can protest. You can join a punk band and sing satirical anthems about “the elite”. But… are you really making a difference? Most forms of activism, unfortunately, are mired in [...]


  So, I’ve been talking about boundaries quite a bit as part of this 30 day video challenge, and I noticed that some questions came up in the comments. What’s the difference between setting a boundary and just plain being defensive? You’ve heard me say that in order to defend a boundary, you have to [...]


  By popular demand (I received quite a few emails about this), today we’re going to go BIG. Really BIG. One of the biggest issues facing us today – misogyny. A concept that is as hard to tackle as it is to spell. And yet, I believe I managed (spell check says I did ok). [...]


  Mansplaining – the phenomenon recently coined wherein someone, usually a man, condescendingly explains something to someone else, usually a woman. Why does this happen? Why do people feel the need or justification to ‘splain (because there’s also Womansplaining, Whitesplaining, Richsplaining, and Gurusplaining…), and more importantly, why do we manifest a splainer into our realities? [...]