By popular demand (I received quite a few emails about this), today we’re going to go BIG. Really BIG. One of the biggest issues facing us today – misogyny. A concept that is as hard to tackle as it is to spell. And yet, I believe I managed (spell check says I did ok). [...]


  Mansplaining – the phenomenon recently coined wherein someone, usually a man, condescendingly explains something to someone else, usually a woman. Why does this happen? Why do people feel the need or justification to ‘splain (because there’s also Womansplaining, Whitesplaining, Richsplaining, and Gurusplaining…), and more importantly, why do we manifest a splainer into our realities? [...]


  Two weeks ago, I set the intention to let you in more. Well, today, I’m taking that literally. I’m bringing you into bed with me. It’s about to get intimate, y’all. Don’t worry, I kept it clean… mostly. But, I’ve also got a very important message to discuss with you. Are you supposed to [...]


  There’s this idea that’s been floating around for a while, and it’s pretty pervasive. I keep hearing people say that you shouldn’t share your dreams with others. That it’s detrimental, dangerous, and will mess up all your manifestations. Basically, it’s like the “Bloody Mary” game of the Law of Attraction world. Well, I’ve got [...]


  When you’re in a relationship that’s less than awesome, how do you know if you’re “working on stuff” or “putting up with stuff”? Is there a way to know when to cut your losses and just walk away? Is it supposed to be all bliss, or is it ok to have some arguments? And [...]


  Oh, ok. I’m finally going to address it: Why do I choose to curse in my videos, on my blog and even in my book? I’ve received some criticism of this over the years, but it hasn’t stopped me. Why not? How dare I not cater to every single one of the masses! Sheesh. [...]


  In the first video of this 30 Day Video Challenge, I briefly mentioned that I was being challenged to take down any and all walls I may have left. As I went through that process, however, I bumped up against a little problem: how could I release all defensive and protective mechanisms and still [...]


  There’s something you may not know about me. I like to take my time. Sometimes, I REALLY take my time. I set an intention and then… I seemingly do nothing. What’s going on? Am I just lazy? Or is there more happening than meets the eye? Here’s a hint: yes. Yes, more is happening. [...]


  So, in yesterday’s video, I talked about how my willingness to still put up with some suffering led to me getting some chemical burns on my scalp during an appointment at the hairdresser. You heard me say that I no longer really put up with discomfort, which caused some confusion. Wasn’t it necessary and [...]


Aright, so when I started this video challenge 7 days ago, I promised you guys that I’d share the good, the bad and the ugly. Well, today I’m going to share the ugly. I recently had an uncomfortable manifestation (a beauty procedure gone wrong. I shall say no more here), and I’ve decided to bare [...]