How We Co-Create Our Reality With Others (Article)

by Melody Fletcher on March 11, 2011

We create our reality through the vibrations we send out. These vibrations are a result of the thoughts we think and focus on. The vibrations attract others like it (this is the Law of Attraction at work), until enough energy has been gathered to bring it into the physical. This process is fully explained in [...]

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Tapping into Universal Knowledge (Article)

by Melody Fletcher on February 23, 2011

Some people call it channeling. When you hear that word, you might imagine a person draped in scarves, sitting in a dimly lit room, going into a trance and then beginning to speak in a deep, mysterious voice. You might think it’s bogus, or you might think it’s miraculous. I don’t think it’s either. I [...]

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Vibrational Discord Explained (Article)

by Melody Fletcher on February 19, 2011

Our emotions serve as a feedback system, letting us know how close or far away we are from Who We Really Are. Negative emotions are an indicator of vibrational discord. But what exactly do I mean by vibrational discord, and how does that translate into real world examples of how we manifest our reality? Read [...]

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How to Find Your Life Purpose (Article)

by Melody Fletcher on February 7, 2011

A lot of people talk about finding their life purpose, assuming that it’s some predetermined plan they’ve somehow lost track of and now have to find. And if we fail, if we don’t happen to find this purpose, we’ll be doomed to spend the rest of our lives as empty, unhappy sacks. Sad, isn’t it? This is a rather skewed view of how the Universe works.

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