May 2017

  We did it!! Today is day 30 of my 30 Day Video Challenge! And man, it’s been a ride. In today’s video, I share the insights that led me to do the challenge, what the experience was like for me, and the realizations I had during the last month. I’ll also give you a [...]


  So, there you are, a manifesting machine. You’ve got a pretty good understanding of how the Law of Attraction works and you’re doing your best to keep your vibration high. But then… you need to deal with other people. Maybe your husband, or your boss, or even your mother. And they’re not cooperating in [...]


  We all have doubts from time to time. That’s a totally normal part of this work. And the mother of all doubts is, of course, the idea that none of it might be true – that this Law of Attraction stuff, the idea that we create our own reality, that we have any influence [...]


  Is it possible for you to have memories from a different reality? What about when a whole bunch of people, thousands and thousands of people remember an event that, well, didn’t? Like, when a ton of people remembered Nelson Mandela dying in the 1980’s, while he was still in prison. So, it came as [...]


  I’ve talked a lot about anger. It’s one of the most misunderstood emotions we have, but also the most healing. I spend a lot of time coaching people into having constructive anger releases, so they can purge anger from their system. And a lot of that time, I have to give people permission to [...]


  I received this question recently, which intrigued me: “Do you think when we are younger we are able to move though our negative manifestations easier? Does being older make it more difficult to see past our limiting beliefs?” Are young people more equipped to shift out of limiting beliefs? Are older people more set [...]


  Have you ever looked for a set of keys and found them where you KNEW you’d already looked? They weren’t there, but then… they were! Or has an opportunity revealed itself that you couldn’t see, until you could? What’s going on? Did the keys disappear? Did the Universe bring you a manifestation before you [...]


  We often talk about surrendering to what is, or making peace with where you are. This is a crucial piece to raising your vibration. After all, if you keep pushing against your current reality, you can’t ever manifest something else. But… what’s the difference between this type of surrender and just putting up with [...]


  As we go through this work, and expand our perception more and more, there inevitably comes a time when we have to break free of what we thought was “real”. This often uncovers a fear that if we continue down this road, that we might go absolutely bat shit crazy. And honestly, isn’t it [...]


  I’ve written about Religion before, in particular about my own Catholic upbringing and how I made peace with that. But I haven’t really talked a lot about Atheism… I received a question about whether or not it was possible to be an atheist and still believe in LOA. Particularly, since atheists don’t believe in [...]