February 2017

An Even More Powerful NOW

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by Melody Fletcher on February 16, 2017

  Well hey there, my happy shiny puppies in training! I’m back! After embarking on my annual pilgrimage to Peru to dance with plant medicines and participate in Ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies, after getting my mind duly blown (by design) and my energy upgraded and my inside bits wrung out like an old dishtowel, [...]


Intro To Stone Circle Technology (Repost)

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by Tina Mc Donald on February 2, 2017

  Coaching Call #243 is out! The topic of this week’s call is: He Can’t Manifest What He Truly Wants This caller knows he can manifest some of the things that he wants because he’s done it already. However, what he has manifested recently came with unexpected strings attached. One of his struggles is that he can’t get into the feeling of having [...]